Introducing Myself

Introduce yourself
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Introducing Myself

Post by wallyg » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:05 am

Hi Everyone,
My name is Wally Gilder From Melton Mowbray in UK. I have a project, which I will need some help with. I have owned a Moto Rumi Formichino since 1963, my Father rode it for a year or so and gave it to me as a bit of a toy. I had it on the road for a year in 1973. It was started this week, first time in 45 years and seems to run beautifully, a bit of a tick over issue but not a problem. I'm a bit concerned about running it for many minutes until I sorted correct fuel and oil etc. The engine would have done less than 5,000 miles from new. It started its life Racing red but I changed it to blue 50 years ago. It is now my project to restore it to as near as possible to its original condition. It is almost complete, the handlebar/speedo casting was damaged and I machined a new one which is ok but I'd like an original. (I'm a Mechanical/Electrical Engineer with access to good workshops so i can make many things). The front mudguard disappeared years ago, the rear light is damaged and will probably need a brake light adding. New tyres, white wall?

It is my intention to take it completely apart, repaint and polish etc. Any tips on stripping it down to start with. I'll probably find all the answers when I have delved further into your forum. What is the availability of parts?

Thanks in anticipation of a lot of help over the next couple of years


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Re: Introducing Myself

Post by hugomez » Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:47 am

Welcome to the forum Wally!!!!!

I see you have a nice project in front of you, and is great that the Formichino was own by your father since 1963 and stay in the family since them.

Pass by the "Download" section of the forum to get as many manuals as you wish, they may be useful during the restoration.

Show us photos of the beauty!!!!! :D

My little Formichino here:

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