Re commissioning

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M hornby-patterson
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Re commissioning

Post by M hornby-patterson » Sun Aug 23, 2020 10:45 am

Hi there I’ve just joined,have purchased a wonderful 1956 rumi 125cc formichino, which has been in the collection of the morbidelli collection, it was a nut and bolt restoration many years ago, by the workshop of the museum,and never used, I need help to re’commission it can anyone help I live in Hampshire near to Winchester, regards Mark

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Re: Re commissioning

Post by hugomez » Tue Aug 25, 2020 7:34 am

Hi Mark,

Welcome to Moto Rumi Forum and congratulation for the purchase of your 1956 Formichino.

I hope somebody from UK can help you with your project. In the meantime, you can download any manual that you may find interesting from Download section, it may be useful for you.

LINK: viewforum.php?f=22

Please send us photos of your Formichino if you can, it would be nice seeing it.

My little Formichino here:

arthur lewthwaite
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Re: Re commissioning

Post by arthur lewthwaite » Tue Aug 25, 2020 4:05 pm

Hello Mark, if you phone me I can (TRAIN) tell you what to do and look out for. My number is 01795554933. I live in Kent.

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Re: Re commissioning

Post by UHJ200 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:36 pm

All else being equal all you need is a spark and some fuel. The snag is "equal" means the sparks in the right place and a carburettor that feed the fuel properly.

Is there any evidence that the machine has been run since its rebuild?
Open the filler cap and with a good light inspect the inside of the tank for rust and any remains of old fuel.

If there is any evidence of old fuel then the next step is to remove and strip the carburettor. It is a simple enough device, give it a good clean if needed and make sure the main jet is of the correct size and clear. Check the throttle slide is a smooth fit in the carburettor body and that it is not too loose. Check the throttle needle is straight and inspect for wear. Replace the needle in the slide making sure the clip is in the centre groove.

If there is any suspicion of old fuel in the tank then put a litre of fresh fuel in the tank and treat the whole machine as you would a cocktail shaker, (good exercise if nuffink else :!: :lol: ), and drain.

Ignition timing: A fiddly job that will try your patience. Hopefully your flywheel will have timing marks, use them. Note that it is more important to get the opening angles equal for smooth running and much more important than getting the points fully open gaps the same. Make sure your HT leads are copper wire not carbon or what ever that other stuff is. If all else fails be aware that the Rumi HT coils can be faulty and even worse intermittent, (been there). It is just possible but unlikely that the twin condenser mounted on the stator might be duff but it is something to bear in mind, after all they get their pension next year . . . ;)

For petroil mix I favour Bardahl, so much so that I bought a 5 gallon drum years ago, I'm down to my last couple of pint now, back in the day they did it in handy 4 fl./oz screw top tin can too, just right for a gallon of petrol and a snug fit in the breast pocket of a Barbour jacket. Lovely stuff, don't know if you can still get it but I am sure there are other members that can recommend something.

And finally check the gearbox oil before you run it.

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