Why bother with "new" carburetors on the Junior "Corsa"?

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Why bother with "new" carburetors on the Junior "Corsa"?

Post by Lasse » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:15 am

As many will know, my "Corsa" has been put up for sale (reluctantly)...
So why use Money & time to source smaller carbs?
To go Down from 20 mm to 18 mm.
The answer might be (even for me) complicated.

I am getting old, the driving position is cramped, but, worst of all, the bike acts as a pure racer on public roads & streets.
That Means, hesitation when starting from standstill, followed by a jubilant rush up to 9000 revs. - accompanied by an almighty noise.
Everyone looks at me - not always comforting...

So, I hope to "civilize" the bike somewhat, to get it easier to drive in traffic - therefore, I have recently used a lot of time, energy & Money, to source a set of UA18 s carburetors!
Parts from as far as from the USA, Italy, UK, Scotland & Holland had made it possible to start creating two decent UA18 instruments.
To get the correct 60. slides were impossible - so I had to purchase two 55.s from Eurocarb in the UK - and carefully file/grind 0,5 millimeter of the cut-out, to make them resembling the "real" 60.s shape...
I am still waiting for a couple of small parcels to get here, but soon, I will have two perfect carburetors, to start "playing" with.
Next will be the (sometimes) frustrating running different jets, different needle positions, to etablishing the correct balance between speed and docility on the road.
Will probably take some time - and I will naturally keep you posted.

My goal: To get a "Corsa" with easy start, good pick-up - combined with, at least, capability to "crack" the 100 Kph. "wall" - with me onboard!
If I succeed, then I intend to keep the motorcycle, take it off the market, and enjoy it for some years, untill it gets too hard for me to hang on...
In the meantime, I guess, the value of the bike wont drop.
End of story.

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