New interesting files to download

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New interesting files to download

Post by hugomez » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:22 pm

Hi all,

In the last few days I have upload new files at DOWNLOAD section.

One of them was "Formichino Parts Catalog English/Italian/French by Ian Skinner" version 02. We had this catalog already in the same post, however Ian spotted some problems (missing parts) along the catalog, so he scanned all again and sent to me to make it available at the forum.

You can download the catalog at the next LINK: ... f=23&t=285

Beside that, Forzamacchi (Ben) sent me several interesting files. You can find them at the next two links:

LINK 01: ... =23&t=1527

LINK 02: ... =24&t=1528

I do have some more files from Forzamacchi to upload, I will do as soon as I have some time (quite busy lately)

Thank you both for sharing these files with us :D
My little Formichino here:

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