"Eriba" Caravan "secrets"

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"Eriba" Caravan "secrets"

Post by Lasse » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:14 pm

Forgot to tell about a VERY intersting thing!
My little Caravan, the "Eriba Touring" lifting roof model has a strange history, to say the least...

ERIBA= Erich Bachem, a German ingeneer, heavily involved with "Luftwaffe" during second World War.
Because of the extensive bombing from the allies, (the socalled 1000 bomber raids, with more than 1000 4 engined bomber aircrafts) Erich Bachem approached the SS (the notorious SS General) Hans Kammler) and told him, that he could build a rocket powered, VERTICAL starting fighter, who in a matter of minutes could reach a ceiling of more than 10.000 metres!

His idea became approved, and in 1944 he started the construction of this wooden skinned, vertical take-off rocket fighter.
To get the machine in the air, he would use the "Walther Rocket Motor" also in use with the radical Messerchmitt Komet rocket fighter.
This powerfull rocket motor, got its power from "C Stoff & T Stoff" - Hydrogen Peroxide, and Hydrazine Hydrate, two liquids, who by contact emediately "exploded" and emitted supersonic, superheated steam.
A somewhat small drawback, seen from the side of the pilots were the fact, that the stuff, in contact with human skin, simply dissolwed it!
So, the pilots must wear coverall and gloves made of synthetic rubber, not to be dissolved alive...

The fighter were launched by a tall mast, and shot upwards to great hights, untill the fuel were expended.
Then it glided downwards through the "bomber stream" and fired its 24 RLM rocket grenades, of which just one were enough to down a "flying fortress B 17" machine.
The war ended before very many ogf this sensational aircraft were produced (just around 65 were completed)

After the war, the demand for vertical take-off rocket fighters were low - so our good friend Erich Bachem started production of Caravans.
Built at a metal skeleton, and with lifting roof, streamlined and easy to pull.
We have often extended 120 Kmh. with ours - and easy feat, because it runs very true, and hardly upsets the car drawing it.
So, here was the strange stroy of the name of our vacations caravan...
The Bachem Natter.jpg
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