One nice tip (tool) of the forum

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One nice tip (tool) of the forum

Post by hugomez » Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:51 pm


Since yesterday I wrote a few topic about the forum and not about motorbikes, sorry, I promise not to bother you very ofter with this matter, however I want to tell you one more thing I have in mind long time ago and I never did.

I know many of you perhaps do not login in the forum in a few weeks and once you come back there are many topics not read by you. The forum system recognize when you have watch the topics and every time there is a new one that you didn't read it appear as yellow (with half Formichino on it) as you can see in this image below.
New-message-icon.jpg (21.66 KiB) Viewed 5924 times
This icon changing state is very useful when you visit often the forum because right away you can recognize the new topics that you didn't read yet, however if you have been a few weeks/months may be too many and perhaps you have not interest/time to open all of them.

If this happened to you and you want to get a clean forum where you can easily recognize the new topics still not read by you, click at the text "Mark forums read" (see image below) and all of them will appear as read by you.

Then after this moment every time there is a new reply or new topic it will appear yellow you you easily can recognize that is new.

I hope this help you.

Mark-forums-read.jpg (152.08 KiB) Viewed 5931 times
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