Just a thought about the forum and the emails

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Just a thought about the forum and the emails

Post by hugomez » Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:27 pm


Lately I am receiving many emails from many of you about my bike, many of them congratulating me for the work done on the bike and others answering questions that I launch in the forum. I have to say that I really appreciate it. However this make me realize the big amount of emails that we are sharing instead to write it down openly in the forum.

I know many of you keep technical conversation/discussion by email very often, and I understand it. Not always everything you talk with another member of the forum have to be public, of course not, but also I wonder how very good information that would help other people will stay hidden in those private emails, while the forum is not collecting new and valuable points of view to solve the problems that we have with our bikes.

Also I am one of the people that keep many conversation by email, this is a fact, and I will continue keeping some of them in private as it is normal, but perhaps we can try to change it a bit, only a bit to get more valuable information online.

Just a thought.

Greets :D
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