Unique Speedometer Drive Unit Solution?

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Ian Skinner
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Unique Speedometer Drive Unit Solution?

Post by Ian Skinner » Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:59 pm

While rummaging through my Rumi stuff over the weekend, I came across a very interesting Formi speedometer drive. It has obviously been made by an excellent engineer. It appears to me, to be a full renovation of an existing unit, where the original main body casing had collapsed. (I’ve seen quite a few in that state). The main body is turned from 2 inch diameter brass stock and the output drive housing from ½ inch diameter brass stock. Those two components are skilfully silver soldered together. Incorporated, is a hardened steel core ring for the axle nuts to pull up on. All the other components worm wheel, drive gear, drive plate and the fore and aft drive gear bearings appear to be originals from the damaged unit.

An idea comes to mind; as replacement drive units are very rare, perhaps an enterprising engineer among us could take this 1960’s idea forward?? Who knows?

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