Moto Rumi websites (LINKS)

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Moto Rumi websites (LINKS)

Post by hugomez » Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:56 pm

Here you can find links from Rumi websites around the world, in case you know another link and you want to include on this list, please let me know.

- Moto Rumi Formichino Facebook
- Moto Rumi Official website
- Moto Rumi Club UK
- Max´s Rumi Formichino
- ... index.html Mario´s Rumi Formichino
- Carl's Moto Rumi Page

(RM) ITALIAN (Italiano)
- Rumi Racing Team
- Https:// ... 8875956298 Collezione Migliazzi - Gualtiero Tonelli
- Lavetti Rumi Motorcycles
- Motorumi unofficial site Italy

(RM) FRENCH (Français)
- French Rumi Club website

(RM) SPANISH (Español)
- Forum Rumi Formichino in Spanish

Have fun!!!!

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