71 - Three English Moto Rumi brochures by Moto Jimi

Moto Rumi factory manuals, parts catalogs and Moto Rumi factory brochures.
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71 - Three English Moto Rumi brochures by Moto Jimi

Post by hugomez » Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:40 pm

Hi All,

The member (Moto Jimi) sent me these three English brochures. Two of them about the Formichino, including specifications and prices of the "Formichino", Bol D'or" and "Tipo Sport". The last one is a brochure of the Moto Rumi Junior Gentleman.

Thank you very much Jimi for share them with us.

Below you can see a miniature example of the files. If you want to download the big file, click at the blue link below.
Moto Rumi Brochures by Moto Jimi.zip
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