82 - Certificate of Origin by Luciano Raschi

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82 - Certificate of Origin by Luciano Raschi

Post by hugomez » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:57 am

Hi All,

Luciano Raschi send us this "Certificate of Origin" that was signed by Donnino Rumi.

I just leave here Luciano's email for you to read from his own words (translated with Google translator from Italian to English)

"Attachment forwarded jpg file of the signed certificate of origin
Donnino Rumi of my motorcycle Rumi Squirrel of 1952. The bike is never
was registered and I found it in Cerignola in the province of Foggia
in 1984.
It was a warehouse fund of the local RUMI dealer.
I think it is an interesting document as it bears the signature in
original by Donnino Rumi and I want to share it with others."

Thank you Luciano for share this interesting original Moto Rumi document with us ;)

You can download the high quality version clicking at the next link:
Attestazione-di-Origine_Signed-by-Donnino-Rumi_by Luciano Raschi.zip
Here you can see a miniature example just for reference:
Miniature_Example_Attestazione-di-Origine_Signed-by-Donnino-Rumi_by Luciano Raschi.jpg
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