30- Rumi Scoiattolo maintenance manual in Italian by jacsimo

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30- Rumi Scoiattolo maintenance manual in Italian by jacsimo

Post by hugomez » Thu May 06, 2010 9:33 am

Jacsimo sent us this great Moto Rumi Scoiattolo maintenance manual in Italian.

In his email he explain me a few things about this manual, below you can read this comments:

Jacsimo wrote: "Regarding oil capacity, you will notice that it states 1.5 kg on page 14 and 1,00 kg two pages after.
You will also notice one page before page 25 that the panel "Moto Servizio" whose reproductions are sold by now was already cancelled in 1954, replaced by the ones on the preceding pages.
The most useful point, for those who have a Scoiattolo, is the tyre pressures, 1.5 atm front and 1.8 rear (approx. 22 psi and 26 psi if I'm not mistaken)."

Below you can see a miniature example of the cover of this manual. You also can see two links (blue text) to DOWNLOAD the file. It's split in two pdf files.

Many thanks jacsimo to take your time to send us this files.
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