50- Rumi SPORT 1952-53 Parts catalog

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50- Rumi SPORT 1952-53 Parts catalog

Post by hugomez » Fri May 20, 2011 9:13 am


Another great catalog parts is here. This time is the "RUMI SPORT 1952 & 1953"

This is a 26 black & white pages catalog scanned in very good quality and very low weight.

Below you can see a blue text link to download the file. Also below you can see a miniature example of this catalog.

Again, please do not sell this catalog, share it for FREE.

One little detail about this catalog. You will see that the first page say "Parte Terza" (Third part), this is because this is the continuation of a catalog part of several bikes. The First and Second parts are the previous topic from the model Scoiattolo. If you download all of them you will see how the pages match.
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