68 - Moto Rumi Strip down manual by Graham Adelsberg

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68 - Moto Rumi Strip down manual by Graham Adelsberg

Post by hugomez » Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:31 pm

Hi All,

A friend that share with me the passion for Honda bikes send me today this Moto Rumi Engine Strip down manual that he found in a magazine that he just bought. Very kind of him to scan and send it to us not even been member of the forum.

Even if this is should be in publication section, I decided to put here at manual section because the content fit better.

This manual is scanned from the magazine "Motorcycle, Scooter & Three-Wheeler Mechanics", dated October 1962

You can download the 3 pages high resolution PDF at the blue link below. Also can see below a miniature example to have an idea of the content of this manual.

Thank you very much Graham Adelsberg for this ;)
Moto Rumi Stripdown engine by Graham Adelsberg.zip
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