21 - Few Rumi pages from Mick Walker's book

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21 - Few Rumi pages from Mick Walker's book

Post by hugomez » Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:13 pm

Here a few Moto Rumi pages from the book "Mick Walker's Italian Racing Motorcycles"

Mick gave permission to allow us to upload these few pages in this section for you to download. Many thanks Mick!!!!!!

Because is good to be grateful, the minimum I can do is let you know where to find this book in case you want to buy it. There are many places online where it is possible to find it, one of the places is this http://www.redlinebooks.co.uk

"Mick Walker's Italian Racing Motorcycles"
ISBN 0 9531311 1 4

To download this file, click over the blue text below. Also you can find below a miniature example of these pages.


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