77-Lambretta LI "Division Plate" wheel drawing by Orac1000

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77-Lambretta LI "Division Plate" wheel drawing by Orac1000

Post by hugomez » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:10 pm

Hi all,

No one can explain this better than the author, so, here the previous message from Orac1000 (John Hill):
For anyone that wants to use the Lambretta Li wheels (which are available in aluminium alloy as well as steel) I have produced a fully dimensioned drawing of the (4mm alloy) division plate you will need. If you are able to print onto A3 it is to scale so you can use it as a template to get all the 11 holes in the right place. The centre hole on A Rumi wheel measures 142.9mm but 143mm would be better to avoid problems.

I have also measured the 10 inch Lambretta LD conversion wheels to see how well they fit on a Rumi. The centre hole seems ok but the 3 fixing holes are on a pcd that is 2mm bigger than it should be for a Rumi. This means you have the file the 3 stud holes 1mm towards the wheel centre or it wont fit properly on the studs. Apart from that they make a good replacement.


Below you can see an image of the drawing, this is just a miniature example, to download the ZIP file with the high resolution files, please click at the blue link below. Inside you will find two files, one PDF and one dwg (autocad)

Thanks John for sharing this with us! :D
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