46-Single_seat_reconstruction_fromLambretta2Formi_By RUMISTI

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46-Single_seat_reconstruction_fromLambretta2Formi_By RUMISTI

Post by hugomez » Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:41 pm

Hi all,

All of us know how difficult is to find single seats for Formichino out there. To solved this problem RUMISTI send us this small (but enough) explanation that show how to convert a Lambretta seat in a Formichino seat.

This is part of the email he sent to me:

"In the notes I send you the drawing for the console for the reconstruction of a Lambretta saddle for a Formichino. The molded piece can also consist of a 5mm
Steel flaps are cut with laser, curved or flat steel 5x25 mm
Only these 2 consoles and 2 pcs requires 8 mm studs.

The seats of Vespa can also be used, but these are 20 mm longer than the Lambretta and Rumi saddle"

Below you can see the blue text link to download the PDF file that include 6 photos and 1 drawing. Also below you can see a miniature example.

Thank you very much RUMISTI!!!!!!!!
Single_Seats_Reconstruction_Lambretta--Formichino_By RUMISTI.zip
MiniatureExample_Seat Lambretta--Formichino_By-RUMISTI.jpg
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