57 - Rumi Switch Diagram by Ian Skinner

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57 - Rumi Switch Diagram by Ian Skinner

Post by hugomez » Tue May 01, 2012 11:02 am

Hi All,

Ian Skinner kindly spent a few hours to provide us with these two switch diagram (CEV and Aprilia)

Below you can read part of the email he sent to me:

"... Broadly speaking, the majority of switches that you can encounter on a Rumi, are of two types viz. Aprilia and CEV, both are 7 wire capable. However, rarely you can encounter the occasional 6 wire type. I have chosen to concentrate on the Aprilia and CEV 7 wire types.

You can download the exel file and jpgs images clicking at the blue link below. The small images that you see below are just miniature examples of the once you will find at the link.

Thanks Ian for these useful diagrams :)
Rumi Switch Diagram by Ian Skinner.zip
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